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Rega 24V Motor Upgrade  Normally  $299   Now  $280

Fitting is an additional $99 and includes a complete service on your Rega TT.



Neo Power Supply                                                          $449



                Genuine Rega Drive Belt                                                $45



   Rega 2/4/6mm adjustable spacer                             $25



                      Rega High Performance Drive Belt                             $55



         Genuine Rega Felt Mat                                                   $25



    Rega Clear Lid                                                       $99



    Rega RB220 Tonearm                                         $499



   Rega RB330 Tonearm                                        $799




Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your great work. I have endured enormous frustration in trying to find somebody to make my NAIM system work again as it should. The system was playing at such a low volume that it was hardly worth listening to. I could not find someone to fix the problem or even even someone who understood how NAIM systems worked until you came along. You instantly identified and rectified the faults. My system now plays as it did when new. I have just been listening to my music collection again and enjoying it afresh. My Rega turntable also received your expert attention and it is again performing wonderfully. My vinyl collection is now constantly on play and my heart is bounding again to a soundtrack I know.


Terrence Hoffmann

Aireys Inlet

- Terrence Hoffmann