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After hearing all the rave about the Linn LP12, I decided to acquire one (Valhalla, Ittok) but it was uninspiring compared with my Well tempered Classic. So I came to Andrew (whom I met at Audio Trends) to service and upgrade the LP12. We agreed on the Cirkus, new armboard and sub-chassis and Trampoline, as well as installing a Lyra Delos which I bought from Andrew. Andrew astonished me by ordering and finishing it in a week! His charges were entirely reasonable. The LP12 is a creature transformed. Still very different from the Well Tempered but there is an ethereal quality which draws one into the music (shades of the Sirens?) Andrew is clearly an expert and passionate about the Linn, and I would heartily recommend him. 

Mun Chin.

- Mun Chin