Hello, my name is Andrew Coles and I have been working in the AV industry since 1988. My passion in Hi-Fi has led me to servicing and upgrading many beautiful pieces of equipment over this time. 


All Turntable Repairs!!!

We service a range of higher end HiFi components including amplifiers, cd players and turntables. From such brands as Naim Audio, Linn, Arcam and Rega.

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“My Naim NAC 62 pre-amp, purchased in the late eighties, was experiencing right channel distortion along with a rapidly degrading source switch. My equally old Naim 92 Power Amp also had its problems. I was about to throw both away when I read about Hifi Restorations and Andrew Coles Naim repairs. It worked for me and following a complete overhaul including re-capping I now have both back working and sounding better than ever. I am about to send him my Rega RP3 for the same treatment. Great personalised and responsive service. So rare sadly.
David Ashworth
- David Ashworth