Hello, my name is Andrew Coles and I have been working in the AV industry since 1988. My passion in Hi-Fi has led me to servicing and upgrading many beautiful pieces of equipment over this time. 


All Turntable Repairs!!!

We service a range of higher end HiFi components including amplifiers, cd players and turntables. From such brands as Naim Audio, Linn, Arcam and Rega.

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Hi Andrew,

The Nait arrived back fine late last week. I plugged it all back in and gave it a run last weekend. Really impressed with how it sounds! As you said, a little more bottom end and a little more sure of the bass across a bunch of different musical genres. But really noticed that it now sounds brighter and better balanced as well. It's almost as if there is more "space" in the music. Lovely clarity and musicality.

Really happy and very impressed with the result so many thanks for your efforts and the great service.

Chris Taylor

- Chris Taylor