Linn Sondek LP-12

The marriage between Naim Audio and Linn has been well recognized over the years.
The sound of a good quality record player is often a lot more pleasurable than that of a CD player. There is no voodoo or magic secret to getting a Linn LP-12 sounding its best. However there are procedures to follow and in a certain order. I have had the good fortune to be trained by someone who had many years of experience with these turntables and have also had training from Linn and their distributors.
There are many options available for Linn LP-12 upgrades, but if it is an older model, the Cirkus kit is probably the most beneficial. It offers a new bearing housing, new inner platter, new belt and all new suspension. Depending on the arm (and the budget), I fit Ortofon, Linn, Dynavector or Lyra cartridges. Just like any electronic power supply the Valhalla board should also be recapped if fitted. 
I have found that replacing the older arm leads with a Nordost armlead makes a considerable improvement as the dielectric insulator breaks down and becomes brittle over the years. Not to mention that the Nordost equivalent is of a higher quality to begin with. Other cosmetic upgrades can be performed like painting the plinth a satin black and replacing the lid with a newer clear one.


Hi Andrew,

Just writing to thank you for restoring my forty year old Luxman amp back to fine working order.
It holds a sentimental importance to me and it is wonderful to listen again to the music I have collected over that period.
I appreciate your thoroughness and the efficiency  with which you attended to the repair and I look forward to its company for many years more.
With thanks again,

Denis Hildebrand
South Yarra.

- Denis Hildebrand