Please feel free to Phone or Email to Order any of the following Linn Parts.

LINN CIRKUS KIT                                                                                  $945

This is the best first step in bringing older LP12 turntables up to current specification.

Comprises of 1 x Inner Platter and Spndle, 1 x Latest Bearing Housing incl. fixing bolts, 1 x set of springs and grommets, 1 x Linn drive belt, 1 x Earth strap and replacement bearing oil.

Please note that the Cirkus kit now does not come supplied with either Sub Chassis or arm board. These can be selected below or we can fit the bearing housing to the existing sub chassis.

Price including Fitting and Setup                                                        $1,145


LINN LP12 SUB CHASSIS           $645

Linn Arm Mounting Only!



LINN KORE SUB CHASSIS         $1,495

Linn Arm Mounting Only!


  LINN KEEL SUB CHASSIS       $5,395

Linn Arm Mounting Only!



LINN LP12  HINGES                      $58 pair



LINN LP12 LID KIT   incl. Hinges                      $309



    LINN  SPRINGS AND GROMMETS SET              $30





LINN ARMBOARD - BLANK                             $179



LATEST LINN LP12 MOTOR                                $249





GENUINE LP12 DRIVE BELT                           $119






NORDOST "Blue Heaven +" Tonearm Cable  $1045


NORDOST "Heimdall 2 +" Tonearm Cable       $1395 



NORDOST "Frey 2 +" Tonearm Cable       $2295



AS  USED ON THE CURRENT MAJIK  LP-12                                   $845




I just wanted to formally acknowledge the service I received from you recently. I have owned the CD3 from new and it has always been well looked after. Recently and having not been played for about three weeks I started getting the dreaded Err message on the panel and when these did eventually clear the CD’s played were just horrible, jumping all over the place. Conducting a little research on the web I came across your services. Having had an issue with the NAIM 140 about 10 years ago I had previously used another organisation who I was adamant I wouldn’t be returning to. 
I noted the number of testimonials on your website and thought they sound too good to be true. – in your case they are not! I have been extremely impressed that you sourced the spare parts required ( given the age of the machine- no mean feat) and persevered with my inability to get the CD player to you..eventually I had to resort to getting a courier to deliver it to you. Imagine my surprise when it was turned around and returned to me by courier within 36 hours with the laser replaced and playing perfectly.  
I will have no hesitation in using your services again ( you can expect the 62/140 to be with you shortly) and recommend you to anyone who wants a reputable, efficient and professional service maintaining their audio equipment. 
Kind regards 
Jon Vonk 
St Kilda 3182 
- Jon Vonk