NONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. 




Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted or feel free to Phone or Email to Order.

    Naim Dual Banana Plugs                   $20.00pr



        CD Clamps                                                               $45.00

      5 pin Shorting Plug                                              $20.00



      4 pin Shorting Paddle                      $20.00



      5 pin Black Snaic                                                     $350.00 



      4 pin Black Snaic                                                     $350.00



  5 pin grey signal lead                                             $185.00



3.5M Terminated NACA5 spk cable                 $499.00



Powerline Power Cable                                      $1050.00



 Custom made 5 pin Din to 2 RCA 1 Metre    $120.00





Hicap           $500

NAP250Mk1       $700

NAP250Mk2       $700

Supercap     $700

Please call for pricing on older model recaps.



Hicap              $1250

Supercap        $3250

552PSU           $4400

XPS                  $2400

555PSU           $3700

NAP250          $2350

NAP300          $3475

Nap500           $9200        









I inherited a 25 year old nap 250 power amp and playing it alongside my nap 90 it was decidedly underwhelming. 2 days later it blew up and took my speakers with it. I gave it to Andrew in a sorry state. 5 days later it was repaired and recapped and it now sounds like a nap 250 should. It has given my Hi-Fi some real guts and is a far more rewarding listening experience. It is also very pleasing that in our throw-away society a 25 year old piece of fine audio equipment can be restored to sound better than the day it was made. In short - money well spent. 
Thanks Again, Phil Allison
- Phil Allison