NONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. 




Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted or feel free to Phone or Email to Order.

    Naim Dual Banana Plugs                   $80.00pr



        CD Clamps                                                               $45.00

      5 pin Shorting Plug                                              $20.00



      4 pin Shorting Paddle                      $20.00



      5 pin Black Snaic                                                     $350.00 



      4 pin Black Snaic                                                     $350.00



  5 pin grey signal lead                                             $185.00



3.5M Terminated NACA5 spk cable                 $499.00



Powerline Power Cable                                      $1050.00



  Chord Company 5 pin Din to 2 RCA      $210.00



Chord Company iChord  5 pin to 3.5mm  $99.00




Hicap           $500

NAP250Mk1       $700

NAP250Mk2       $600

Supercap     $700

Please call for pricing on older model recaps.



Hicap              $1050

Supercap        $2850

552PSU           $3800

XPS                  $2100

555PSU           $3200

NAP250          $2150

NAP300          $3175

Nap500           $8700        









Andrew Thank you again for all your assistance, support and technical skills in the resurrection of my 42 year old Linear Design Turntable. The effort you provided is only exceeded by the quality of the memories discovered by the re-introduction to a record collection frozen in time from the mid 70’s I thank you for the delight, laughs and strange looks from my young girls as they are exposed to the music of my teenage years. Many thanks Russ 

- Russ McQueen