Naim Audio

One of the best brands of Hi-Fi I have come across to date. This product has stood the test of time and its flagship power amplifier, the NAP-250 has been used as a benchmark through all of its various generations from the older chrome bumper right up to the current model. I have had many of the older versions come in for a restoration and go out performing better than when they were purchased. The reason for this is the capacitors available today are of a higher grade than what was available back in the 1980s.

The Naim Audio factory recommend servicing of power supplies (Hicaps, etc) and power amplifiers to be done every 8-10 years. This is because the capacitor’s electrolytic fluid dries out over this time and they can no longer hold the charge they used to. This is a gradual degradation and just like a car slowly wearing out it is not always noticeable until we have it serviced. Other vital components are also changed as a preventative measure against more serious damage that can be caused as they deteriorate. CD player laser mechanisms invariably fail over time, if the mechanism is still available 
then I can change it, solving disc reading issues ninety percent of the time.
Inside a Naim Audio NAP-250 power amp. All discrete circuitry, meaning that there are no ICs to go out of production like some other brands, rendering them irreparable. The secret to its performance lies in the quality of parts chosen and the simplicity of its design


Dear Andrew, It is now nearly four weeks since you refurbished my very old, but very treasured LP12. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work! As you will recall, mine was a neglected turntable that I had waited for 15 years to bring back to life. After entrusting it to you it has come back to me in even greater glory than when it was new. The sound is nothing short of sublime, and I have had a wonderful time rediscovering my beloved vinyl collection. Even my partner Claire has been amazed at how beautiful the sound is that you have brought to us. The icing on the cake is your outstanding service and attention to detail. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! Best regards, Tim. 

- Tim Tyler