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Having just purchase a pair of Spendor A5 speakers I believed there was still something missing with the sound of my system. I was persuaded by Andrew of hi-fi restorations to have my Niam 22/120 amp serviced and recapped. I dropped the amp in with Andrew on a Friday and he had the work completed by Monday morning ready for pickup.

The Improvement in sound quality was just astounding. The Spendors now sound amazing with a beautiful tone to them, I am now hearing tunes within tunes and instruments I've never heard before with each instrument set out perfectly on the sound stage, this over a wide range of music from Mary Black to AC/DC, I just want to play my music for hours on end now. In the near future I will be giving my Linn Sondek to Andrew to work his magic on, with full service and upgrade to current spec.

- Merv Johnstone