There is not much to go wrong in a Rega turntable, but general maintenance 
like changing the oil, cartridge and belt will be required over the years.
Motor upgrade kits are available from $299 for all older Rega turntables, offering a better and quieter motor for more stable speed control and therefore better sound. Rega cartridges are available at affordable prices, starting at only $125. One of the simplest upgrades is replacing the belt with the higher spec white drive belt at $55.



Andrew recently rebuilt and recapped my Nap 90 and Hi-Cap power supply.I was satisfied with their performance but as they hadn't seen service for 15 and 9 years respectively, I thought them overdue some attention. After a prompt and friendly service from Andrew the sound has really tightened up and brought out many subtleties in the presentation of the music that evoke a deeper emotional response in me as great music should. An investment in Naim equipment is a considerable one; Andrew's efforts have enabled me to realise the full potential of my equipment and thoroughly enhanced my listening pleasure.

Thanks, Philip 

- Phil Allison