There is not much to go wrong in a Rega turntable, but general maintenance 
like changing the oil, cartridge and belt will be required over the years.
Motor upgrade kits are available from $299 for all older Rega turntables, offering a better and quieter motor for more stable speed control and therefore better sound. Rega cartridges are available at affordable prices, starting at only $125. One of the simplest upgrades is replacing the belt with the higher spec white drive belt at $55.



My LP-12 Turntable Restoration:

- supplied and installed refurbished power supply
- recomended, found and installed linn ettok LV II
- recommended, supplied and installed dynovector cartiridge
- sanded and re-sprayed base in satin black
- supplied and installed new clear lid
My system:
- martin logan ethos speakers, audio research valve preamp with onboard turntable pre pre amp, naim audio nap 250 poweramp.
The linn sondek LP12 has a suburb clear, bright, open and very detailed sound.  Very detailed bottom end, The setup of the turntable is such that almost no static is produced and yet the musical detail is far greater than i have heard from this turntable. 
It sets a fantastic 3D soundstage.
I would highly recommend Andrew ... For any work on your musical equipment and as such my father ( avantegarde speakers, clarke audio valve pre-amp and valve poweramp),  is so impressed with Andrew that he is getting his Linn Sondek LP12 upgraded, painted and setup by HiFi Restorations.
 Tim Donnellan.

- Tim Donnellan