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How to measure for belt replacement on your turntable


1. Remove the platter that the record sits on by lifting it up.
2. Turn platter upside down and measure the diameter (from one side across to the other) of the rim where the belt goes on the underside of the platter.
3. Then go to our online store and select the next size down from your measurement so it stays on while you refit the platter.

Eg: If you measure 198mm then choose the 195mm belt. If you measure 180mm then choose the 175mm belt.

4. When the platter is reinstalled there will be a hole in the platter where you can stretch the belt out over the motor pulley.



How to set the tracking force on your turntable (without scales).



1. Remove any anti-skate weight or adjust to zero.
2. Using the counterweight on the rear of the arm,
move to a position that allows the arm to float in a
neutral horizontal position.
N.B. Be careful at this point, it is easy to damage the stylus
while the arm is floating like this if the arm is knocked.
3. Zero the counterweight indicator dial without moving
the counterweight forward or backward on the arm.
The zero indicator will generally line up with a mark on the top
of the arm.
4. With the arm still in a neutral horizontal position, support the 
front of the arm and slowly rotate the counterweight forward on the arm, to the specified cartridges tracking force. Usually 1.75-1.8 grams
for a MM cartridge. But check the specs if unsure.
5. Finally replace anti-skate weight or adjust to a similar value to the tracking force.


Hi Andrew, I just want to thank you for the great repair and setting of the tone arm to the Rega  turntable . The sound is great. I appreciate your dedication to getting things done well. 
Kind Regards,
- Stephen Vouliotis