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Things to keep in mind when setting up speakers.



 All speakers will vary slightly inside different rooms, this is just a general guide.
1. The distance between the speakers and the listening position should form close to an equilateral triangle, with the speakers toed inward towards the listening position.
2. If the speaker has a rear bass reflex port then try bringing the speaker forward off the front wall so as to reduce booming bass. Start at 400mm and play around with them from there.
If placing bookshelf speakers of this design on a shelf, you may wish to dampen the effect of the rear port with some high density foam.
Try also decoupling the speaker box from the shelf with a small ball of blu-tak in each corner of the base of the speaker. This is also a good idea when using stands.
3.Whether you are  using speaker stands or floor-standing speakers, if fitted with spikes, use these to eliminate any rock in the speaker. A stable speaker will sound clearer and have tighter bass.
The spikes should be pushed through the carpet into the flooring beneath.
If on floorboards, the spike can rest on a coin that is blu-taked in position.


I was all set to look at replacing my 37 year old turntable because it was taking 65 seconds instead of 60, to do the required 33 revs for vinyls. It also sometimes failed to turn off at the end of a record. I took it to Andrew Coles with whom I'd had previous good dealings and got it back in perfect condition two days later. Andrew had replaced the stretched drive belt and rejuvenated the working parts, resulting in perfect performance at a cost many times less than a new unit would have cost. 
Barry Sanders.
- Barry Sanders