Above are some of the brands we service, however we are happy to look at other equipment, just give us a call to discuss. Stereo power amplifiers should generally be recapped after 10 years or so. If your amplifiers are of a high quality recapping can be a more affordable option than replacing them once they fault. 
Apart from the brands mentioned above, we have had great results from brands such as Musical Fidelity and Quad also. Turntables are also something else that require regular attention, as over time belts stretch and oil becomes thick.
CD players have laser mechanisms that tend to be the main fault of them not reading discs. We can replace the laser mechanism giving your CD player a new lease in life.


I resurrected my elderly TEAC turntable from 17 years of under-house storage and Andrew's prompt and reasonably priced service has given it new life. It performs perfectly. He even fixed the platter position at no cost after the unit was subjected to serious vibration during a lengthy country trip just after the service. Thanks Andrew. Highly recommended. Ross Sullivan 

- Ross Sullivan