Amplifier Repairs.

Often amplifiers will develop symptoms like dropping a channel intermittantly or having scratchy sounds and noisy controls.

This is something we can fix relatively easily and is far cheaper than replacing the amplifier. 


I purchased a Naim NAC 92 and Naim NAP 90 back in 1995 and have always loved the sound.  Although I was still happy with their performance I knew they were well overdue a service and if something drastic happened I knew I could never afford to replace them.  Andrew's name came up through an internet search and I contacted him for a quote.  I was quoted a fraction of the cost of replacement and sent them off to Andrew.  After a short wait - even though Andrew had to order replacement parts - I received them back as good as new.  Even though I had to send the amps interstate, the whole process was quick and very easy and I would not hesitate to recommend HiFi Restorations service.
Sue Roney
- Sue Roney