Turntable Repairs and Parts.

No matter what turntable you have:
Pioneer, Technics, Sansui, etc...
We can restore it to working condition for you.
We can setup the turntable for you or give you advice on how to do it yourself if you are not local.
Drop off and pickup available in Ringwood.
If you simply want to replace a broken belt then first go to our "Resources" page to learn how to measure for the correct size, then go to the "Online Store" to pay via Paypal or credit card.
We keep all sizes in stock and can post the same day.
New cartridges or styli can also be ordered from us at very compeditive prices. Check out our styli in the "Online Store" page. If you have any problems ordering online then feel free to call or email us to order.


Hi Andrew, just letting you know that after two weekends of cleaning and playing my LPs on the 1974/75 edition Rega Planar you repaired, I can report that it is back from the dead and has a whole new lease on life. I expect it is now about as good as it could sound. So, many thanks,greatly appreciated, Alan 

- Alan Meldrum