All styli prices include FREE delivery.

Here are a few of the more popular styli used, but if you don't see yours

please give us a call as many more are available.

 1. Audio Technica ATN3600L                                     $55


 2. National/Technics EPS24/25/27                      $65


 3. RS33/RS35, ATN3472, ST230                          $65


 4. Aiwa AN5, ATN3400Akai RS83 /85       $65


 5. Denon SJN 75                                                 $65


  6. Ortofon Stylus 10                                            $99


     7. Ortofon Stylus 20    Normally $289    Now $250


   8. Sanyo ST09, Sony CN234                                $65


 9. Aiwa AN10, DenonDSN57, SharpSTY147  $65


 10. Onkyo DN35, Rotel RN5, ATN71, CDC      $65


 11. Technics EPS270                                                  $65


 12. Sharp STY127                                                        $65


  13. Aiwa TS90                                                            $65


          14. Pioneer SN12                                                        $65


  15. Shure N75-6                                                         $65


  16. Shure N44-7                                                         $65


 17. Shure N91                                                             $65


  18. Ortofon 2M Red Stylus                                            $134


   19. Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus                                                 $249


  20. Ortofon 2M Bronze Stylus                                             $449


  21. Ortofon 2M Black Stylus                                         $695


  22. Sansui SN-33, Sanyo ST-25J                      $65


 23.  Excel ES-70                                                                 $65


 24. BSR  ST12, 14, 15                                                     $55


25. Sansui SN28                                                               $65


26. JVC DTZ1S                                                                  $65


      27. Shure N70                                                                   $65



28. Shure N95ED                                                               $80



29. Pioneer PN11                                                                $65


30. Sony ND5G                                                               $65


 31. Denon DSN60                                                     $65


32. Ortofon NF15E,                                                           $65


33. Stanton 500                                                    $65


          34Hitachi DS-ST104                                                    $65



I just wanted to formally acknowledge the service I received from you recently. I have owned the CD3 from new and it has always been well looked after. Recently and having not been played for about three weeks I started getting the dreaded Err message on the panel and when these did eventually clear the CD’s played were just horrible, jumping all over the place. Conducting a little research on the web I came across your services. Having had an issue with the NAIM 140 about 10 years ago I had previously used another organisation who I was adamant I wouldn’t be returning to. 
I noted the number of testimonials on your website and thought they sound too good to be true. – in your case they are not! I have been extremely impressed that you sourced the spare parts required ( given the age of the machine- no mean feat) and persevered with my inability to get the CD player to you..eventually I had to resort to getting a courier to deliver it to you. Imagine my surprise when it was turned around and returned to me by courier within 36 hours with the laser replaced and playing perfectly.  
I will have no hesitation in using your services again ( you can expect the 62/140 to be with you shortly) and recommend you to anyone who wants a reputable, efficient and professional service maintaining their audio equipment. 
Kind regards 
Jon Vonk 
St Kilda 3182 
- Jon Vonk