All styli prices include FREE delivery.

Here are a few of the more popular styli used, but if you don't see yours

please give us a call as many more are available.

Audio Technica ATN3600L                                     $55


National/Technics EPS24/25/27                      $55


RS33/RS35, ATN3472, ST230                          $55


Aiwa AN5, ATN3400Akai RS83 /85       $55


Denon SJN 75                                                 $45


 Ortofon Stylus 10                                            $89


  Sanyo ST09, Sony CN234                                $45


Aiwa AN10, DenonDSN57, SharpSTY147  $55


Onkyo DN35, Rotel RN5, ATN71, CDC      $55


Technics EPS270ED                                           $55


Sharp STY127                                                        $55


  Aiwa TS90                                                            $55


         Pioneer SN12                                                        $55


 Shure N75-6                                                         $45


 Shure N44-7                                                         $45


 Shure N91                                                             $45


 Ortofon 2M Red Stylus                                               $110


  Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus                                                    $229


 Ortofon 2M Bronze Stylus                                                 $419


 Ortofon 2M Black Stylus                                             $749


  Sansui SN-33, Sanyo ST-25J                      $55


 Excel ES-70                                                                 $55


 BSR  ST12, 14, 15                                                                $45


                Hitachi DS-ST104                                                $55


Dear Andrew, It is now nearly four weeks since you refurbished my very old, but very treasured LP12. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work! As you will recall, mine was a neglected turntable that I had waited for 15 years to bring back to life. After entrusting it to you it has come back to me in even greater glory than when it was new. The sound is nothing short of sublime, and I have had a wonderful time rediscovering my beloved vinyl collection. Even my partner Claire has been amazed at how beautiful the sound is that you have brought to us. The icing on the cake is your outstanding service and attention to detail. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! Best regards, Tim. 

- Tim Tyler