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Here are a few of the most important accessories you need when playing vinyl.

     Record Cleaning Fluid & Cloth               $25


     Stylus Cleaner & Brush                             $20


     Carbon Fibre Record Brush                      $25


I have owned a NAIM system for 10 years and started with mostly second hand parts.

 The system was:-NAC102, NAP250 x 2, Flatcap 2, IXOS, CD5 - New, Intro Speakers - New

The first upgrade was to Allae speakers and that made a difference. Then the CD5 was swapped for the HDX, the NAC102 for a NAC282, the Flatcap for a Supercap and I added the NAIM sub as the bass always seemed inadequate. That all made a BIG difference, in particular to the bass and the clarity of the sound. However having the NAP250s serviced by Andrew, given that one was 28 years old and the other 25, and neither looked like they had ever been updated, has made the BIGGEST difference. It sounds almost like a completely new system and the sub is redundant. The sound is bigger, deeper, clearer and the missing bass is now there in spades! I only wish that I had known about having the NAPs serviced before!!

Great job Andrew!"



- Bob Philipson